Commercial user – License

Why do I need to pay a license fee?

The QLQ-C30 and its associated modules are copyrighted instruments, with all rights reserved. Written, prior consent of the EORTC Quality of Life Group is required for their use.  In order to use the QLQ-C30 and modules we would ask you to sign a User Agreement, without which we cannot grant permission to use our measures.  Such usage means that a compensation fee is payable to EORTC, which serves as a contribution to current research being carried out by EORTC and the QLG.


What will the fee be used for?

The funds that are generated from the fees will be used exclusively to support the ongoing charitable non-profit research of the EORTC Quality of Life Group, including the development and refinement of quality of life measures.


What is included in this fee?

  • The QLQ-C30 questionnaire
  • Any specific module(s) required in your trial
  • The C30 scoring manual and scoring for the requested specific module(s), if any
  • All languages that we have available in our library

Translation certificates can be provided on request.


What information do you need to set up a User Agreement for my study?

The following information is required:

  • Protocol Number
  • Title of your study
  • The number of patients
  • The name and title of the authorized representative who would sign
  • Full company name and address as required on the User Agreement
  • Full company address for the Invoice to be sent
  • Dept. and/or Contact name for the Invoice
  • Email for invoices
  • VAT Number (Europe only-VAT charged only in Belgium but it is a legal requirement for this information if applicable)
  • EPRO – will the study wish to migrate the questionnaires to an electronic use device? (We ask this so that we can insert the necessary permission clause into the agreement if necessary): Yes/No
  • Module(s) required, if any
  • Language(s) required
  • Purchase Order Number, if required by your company
  • Name, address & telephone of person to receive hard copies by DHL for wet ink signature if required (EORTC requires either a wet ink original for filing or signature via DocuSign)


For pricing and more information please contact us.