• Scoring Manual

    This manual provides critical information that is needed for scoring the EORTC core questionnaire and associated modules.

    For the scoring algorithm to generate the summary score please go here

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  • Guidelines for Developing Questionnaire Modules

    This module covers the process for developing new questionnaires, describing the standard procedure of four phases of development and testing.

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  • Translation Procedure Manual

    This manual focuses on the EORTC Translation Procedure, describing in detail the translation and cultural adaptation process that is followed for the development of new language versions of EORTC questionnaires.

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  • Reference Values Manual

    This manual contains information about normative scores and reference scores across various cancer populations.

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  • QoL Clinical Trials Guidelines

    This manual contains EORTC specific procedures to follow by conducting a clinical trial within the EORTC network.

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  • Clinical Practice User Manual

    This manual is intended to support health care professionals and other stakeholders in the successful and sustainable implementation of the EORTC PRO measures, providing guidance on issues considered important for their use in daily clinical practice.

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  • ePRO guidelines - cover

    ePRO Guidelines

    This document outlines the guidelines for migration of the EORTC questionnaires onto electronic platforms, allowing them to be used as ePRO measures in academic and commercial studies.

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  • Item Library: Technical Guidelines

    This document shows the features of the Item Library and explains how it works as a database of items and a tool to create custom item lists.

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