Quality of Life Department

The Quality of Life Department (QLD) was established at the EORTC Headquarters with the initial financial support of the European Commission in 1993. Since then the QLD has grown and a critical department, with key duties in providing global advise to the EORTC on all aspects of clinical trial design and methodology in relation to QOL endpoints.

The QLD helps oversee the use of QOL in all EORTC clinical trials, of which over 180 have been undertaken. At any one time, over 30 clinical trials are active with a QOL component. The QLD also is involved in providing support for developing measures, such as cross-cultural validation, translation and testing with the EORTC Quality of life Group.

The QLD provides advice for none EORTC collaborators and societies (e.g. ESTRO, ECCO, ASCO) and also all EORTC researchers on design of measures and use of measures in EORTC and none EORTC trials. The QLD provides all EORTC measures to academics and oversees the management of the EORTC suite of measurement tools on behalf of the EORTC Quality of Life Group.