Breast Cancer (update of QLQ-BR23)

Gender Neutral
Type Module
Testing Phase IV - completed
Principal investigator(s)
Vesna Bjelic-Radisic
Medical University Graz, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Graz, Austria

Project summary

The standard therapy of breast cancer has been changed, new therapies brought new side effects and different impacts on quality of life are not sufficiently covered by EORTC QLQ BR-23 which was developed in 1996. In Phase 1-3 the BR-23 Module was updated, 22 items were added, resulting in a new 45 item Module (EORTC QLQ BR-45). The aim of phase 4 is to test the psychometric properties and the validity of the EORTC QLQ-BR45 in conjunction with the EORTC QLQ- C30 in female patients diagnosed with breast cancer at different stages of the disease and with different therapy options.


Phase 1 – 3:


Publication of study results of Phase 1 – 3

EORTC-QLQ BR-45 translated into 71 languages (one more in progress)

Phase 4:

Patient recruitment is closed .

Preliminary data analysis

Phase 4: Monitoring and data entry of the last patient data;  preparation for and final data analysis

Future plans

Publication November 2022

For patients

The BR-23 is a questionnaire for measuring the quality of life in patients with breast cancer, which was developed in 1996. In the last years many changes regarding treatment and diagnostics have occurred. For this reason the QLQ BR-23 was updated and 22 new questions were added. Now this new BR- 45 questionnaire will be tested in patients with breast cancer in different countries.


Paper of phase 1 – 3 published in Annals of oncology (An international update of the EORTC questionnaire for assessing quality of life in breast cancer patients: EORTC QLQ-BR45, Bjelic-Radisic et al. 2020;