Gender Neutral
Type Standalone
Testing Phase III - completed
Principal investigator(s)
Colin Johnson
Cancer Sciences, University of Southampton
Southampton, United Kingdom

Project summary

This study explores the suitability of QLG processes for the generation of Symptom Lists. QLG procedures were used to identify relevant symptoms, assemble questions from the Item Bank, and determine acceptability and relevance of the items selected. A 61-item list was created


Project concluded. Symptom list available for use.

Selection from Item Bank and creation of new Items following Guidelines creates Symptom Lists that patients find acceptable and comprehensive.

Future plans

Phase 3 completed.

Paper is published

For patients

We identified symptoms associated with new targeted therapies from review of the literature, and interviews with patients and clinicians. Patients were taking a variety of targeted therapies for treatment of breast cancer, GI stromal tumours (GIST) or chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML). The QLG Item Bank is a useful and reliable source for the creation of Symptom Lists for evaluation of new treatments.


Developing Symptom Lists for People with Cancer Treated with Targeted Therapies
Samantha C. Sodergren1 · Sally J. Wheelwright1 · Deborah Fitzsimmons2 · Fabio Efficace3 · Mirjam Sprangers4 ·
Peter Fayers5 · Amelie Harle6 · Heike Schmidt7 · Andrew Bottomley8 · Anne Sophie Darlington1 · Charlotte Benson9 ·
Anne Bredart10 · Leopold Hentschel11 · Juan Ignacio Arraras12 · Georgios Ioannidis13 · Michael Leahy14 ·
Iwona Lugowska15 · Ourania Nicolatou Galitis16 · Duska Petranovic17 · Gudrun E Rohde18,19 · Vasilis Vassiliou20 ·
Colin D. Johnson21 on behalf of the EORTC Quality of Life Group
Published online: 9 November 2020″ Targeted Oncology (2021) 16:95–107