Head & Neck Cancer (update of QLQ-H&N35)

Gender Neutral
Type Module
Testing Phase validated
Principal investigator(s)
Susanne Singer
University of Mainz
Mainz, Germany

Project summary

The aim of this multicentre study was to determine the psychometric properties of an updated (revised) version of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire Head and Neck Module (EORTC QLQ-HN43).

We enrolled two groups of head and neck cancer (HNC) patients from 28 institutions in 18 countries, n=812 altogether. Group 1 were patients who were about to start their HNC treatment. They completed the questionnaires before onset of therapy (t1), 3 months later (t2), and 6 months later (t3). In this group, we tested the instrument’s sensitivity to change. Group 2 were HNC survivors, at least 2 years after diagnosis. In this group, we determined test-retest reliability. From the full sample, internal consistency was assessed using Cronbach’s Alpha, the scale structure with confirmatory factor analysis, convergent and divergent validity with Spearman Rank correlations, and discriminant validity with known-group comparisons.


Phase IV is completed.

For patients

We have created a questionnaire for patients with head and neck cancer. When they complete this questionnaire, they can tell their doctor how their quality of life currently is. This is important for clinical studies because responses from different patients can then be combined easily, and the voice of the patients is heard.


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