Gender Male
Type Module
Testing Phase I / II - in development
Principal investigator(s)
Vesna Bjelic-Radisic
Principal investigator
Medical University Graz, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Graz, Austria
Study coordinator(s)
Luca Alessia Kotthaus
Principal investigator
Helios University Clinic Wuppertal University Witten
Wuppertal, Germany

Project summary

Around 1% of all new cases of breast cancer (BC) diagnosed annually occur in men. Most research to date has focused on female breast cancer (FBC). So what is known about breast cancer in men has been mostly derived from the research and treatment of FBC. Comprehensive, prospective data about Quality of life in men treated for BC is lacking. Therefore, a validated worldwide questionnaire for male BC will be developed.


Literature-review on the subject

Activation of collaborating sites

Development of the issue-list

Recruitment of patients

Interviews with health care professionals

Future plans

Phase 1, recruitment, translation work.

Consultation with experts;: Data analysis; Report writing and outlining of recommendations 05/2023



We are still looking for collaborators, especially English speaking countries.

For patients

In this study, interviews are conducted to help us understand the impact breast cancer has on the quality of life of male patients. When evaluating the impact of an illness such as cancer, one of the most important areas to consider is the effect it has on quality of life. Currently, there is no questionnaire to assess the quality of life of male breast cancer patients. This study aims to develop a new quality of life questionnaire specific to male breast cancer.