2054 Immune Checkpoints Inhibitor

Gender Neutral
Type Module
Testing Phase I / II - in development
Principal investigator(s)
Mieke Van Hemelrijck
Principal Investigator
King's College London
London, United Kingdom
, Marieke van Leeuwen
Principal Investigator
The Netherlands Cancer Institute
Study coordinator(s)
Louis Fox
Principal Investigator
King’s College London
London, United Kingdom

Project summary

The increased use of immune checkpoint inhibitors for patients with cancer has brought benefits to many patients. It is also apparent that treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors can induce various side-effects. Given the unique side-effect profile of immune checkpoint inhibitors, patients receiving these therapies may have unique health-related quality of life concerns. Hence, the main aim of this project is to establish the important health-related quality of life issues in cancer patients receiving immune checkpoint inhibitors. Following this, we will determine a strategy for the measurement of health-related quality of life in such patients that fits with existing EORTC health-related quality of life measurement tools.


So far, we have conducted a systematic literature review consisting of both quantitative and qualitative research and also contains a review of existing systematic reviews. This has enabled us to develop a long issue list containing 146 potential quality of life-related issues that may be experienced by patient receiving immune checkpoint inhibitors.

The project is in Phase 1 and initial interviews with healthcare professionals and patients are currently being undertaken. Once these are completed, we will consult a larger group of patients for evaluation of our initial findings

Future plans

Phase 1

Phase 1a
First round of interviews (healthcare professionals) to be completed:
1st June 2022

Second round of interviews (patients) to be completed:
31st September 2022

Comprehensive list of issues to be established:
31st October 2022

Phase 1b
Second round of interviews (i.e. patient evaluations) to be completed:
1st September 2023

Phase 2

Conversion of issues into items to be completed:
29th September 2023

Consultation phase to be completed:
1st November 2023

Final item list to be produced:
1st January 2024

For patients

Increasing numbers of cancer patients are receiving a type of immunotherapy treatment called immune checkpoint inhibitors. We know that immune checkpoint inhibitors can have many different side-effects on patients, which could affect their quality of life. This project therefore aims to understand if we need to develop new health-related quality of life questionnaires specifically for patients receiving immune checkpoint inhibitors.