Cancer Clinical Trials Pooling of Quality Life Data (CATAPULT) initiative

Principal investigator(s)
Andrew Bottomley
Brussels, Belgium
, Henning Flechtner
Magdeburg, Germany
Project coordinator(s)
Jammbe Musoro
Brussels, Belgium
, Madeline Pe
Brussels, Belgium


  • Finished macro preparation for the prognostic value objectives.
  • Cluster analysis manuscript under revision after the first submission to EJC.
  • Prognostic value of change scores abstract accepted for ISOQOL 2021 as poster presentation and manuscript under preparation.
  • Poster presentation preparation for ISOQOL 2021: change score prognostic model.
  • Manuscript for prognostic value of change scores under preparation.
  • Analysis of baseline data: prognostic value of baseline data.

Current status:

  • Oal brief presentation preparation for ISOQOL 2022: prognostic value of baseline scores.
  • Interviews are on-going for a new fellow to complete the remaining objectives of the project.

Future plans

  • Finalize analysis of prognostic value objectives and prepare manuscripts for these objectives by the end of the year.


A full list of references for published abstract and manuscripts are presented below.

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