EORTC Quality of Life Group Open Access Policy

When publishing an article on behalf of the EORTC Quality of Life Group, authors are strongly encouraged but not required to publish the research with open access. Allowing free online access to our research will:

• Maximise the availability and usability of our work
• Ensure the research we fund can be built upon

The Quality of Life Group will cover the article processing charges for open access publication for articles published on behalf of the quality of life group. For the fees to be covered, the following must be true:

• The article reports the results of work funded or part-funded by the EORTC Quality of Life Group
• The article must have been reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee
• The article must include ‘on behalf of the Quality of Life Group’ in the authorship list

We expect authors to:

• Be aware of the costs of publishing in various journals
• Only submit to journals they consider represent value for money
• Only submit to journals that allow authors to include ‘on behalf of the quality of life group’ in the author list

How to obtain the funding
• The fees for open access do not need to be included in the initial grant application – these will be provided on top of the grant funding
• At the time of article acceptance, authors can request the additional costs from the Quality of Life Group treasurer
• Institutes need to pay the invoice and all the costs will be reimbursed by the QLG afterwards: this has the advantage that we can profit from agreements between publishers and institutes (which are not in place between the EORTC and publishers)

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