Terms and Conditions

The EORTC QLG has two policies for the use of the QLQ-C30 and associated modules:

  • Commercial users – Fee based user agreement
  • Academic Users – non Fee based academic user agreement

What qualifies as a Commercial user?

If an organization, institution or company is being provided with or providing funds, sponsorship or a grant for their research, and should any of these gain financially or use the measures for commercial purposes, then a fee is chargeable.

If data is to be available to the funding pharma prior to publication of results, or if the funding pharma have a say in the study design, then a fee is chargeable.

What qualifies as an Academic User?

If an organization, institution, hospital or non-profit is using the measures without the intent of making a profit or having a third party profit from the data and that the research is being conducted without direct or indirect sponsorship or support from pharmaceutical, medical appliance or related, for-profit health care industries then we would classify this as an academic user and no fee would be charged.
Educational grants are allowed on a case to case basis.

Please feel free to contact us with more details or information about your study/project.